Men's Unfortunate Comments on Women's Breast Size

"It's Okay That You're Not Big-Boobed, Honey" (Oh, Thank You, Kind Sir!)

Why do men like big boobs?Men seem to feel a need to tell us that it's okay if our breasts are not "super-sized."

This is a touchy subject in more ways than one.

I'm talking about when men feel the need to tell a woman that she's "OKAY" the way she is.


What makes a man think we didn't think we were okay?

What makes a guy worry that we're consumed with insecurity over our breast size??

Notice the photo of the model in the light green bikini top. Isn't it TRAGIC??

Yes, I'm being sarcastic. How many women would love to be as TRAGIC as this?

Yet there are men who would feel that they need to reassure THIS stunning woman.

Meanwhile, most women would walk over hot coals before they would ever mention a word about a man's "SIZE."

True story (the innocent and guilty are verbally photoshopped):

A friend of mine was in a group of people and the conversation was briefly about a woman named Jackie.

My friend casually said, "Oh, Jackie has a lovely figure."

Jackie's boyfriend (but not for long) piped up and said, "You don't need to feel less attractive that you're smaller-breasted. You're just as hot as Jackie is."

Oh, sweet mother of heaven.

"Whoever said I feel less attractive," my friend fumed to me later on.

"First of all, I didn't need his seal of approval on my breast size!

"Second of all, I certainly didn't need his "comforting" remarks!!

"It was so annoying to me that a man would think I did.

"I broke up with him but gave him a gift certificate to Hooters," said my friend.

Whether some men realize it or not... breasts of any size can be sexy and beautiful.

Men are treading on landmines if they think that we need them to "reassure" us.

Men ought to just show their delight and not comment on anything related to measurements, size, etc.

I realize this is tough. It's okay for a man to say, "I love small-breasted women."

But he shouldn't say that when he's being intimate WITH a "small-breasted woman."

I'm glad there are many celebs today who recognize that Nature has the right idea in the first place and to "embrace" whatever your body is. They set a great example that breasts of all sizes can be gorgeous.