Don't Do This - He'll Love You For It

Don't do THIS - he'll love you for it.

What are we talking about? It's That Look On Your Face that makes everything change.

Have you ever felt crushed when he stopped returning your messages or calls?

ESPECIALLY when He Seemed So Interested?

Deep down, you know the moment he backs away.

It's when he sees the light in your eyes CHANGE.

You stop being in the moment. You start thinking, "This is it! He's the One!"

That light in your eyes changes - and this puts the fear of the devil in your man.

He has this sudden instinct: "Our carefree time is over. She's planning the wedding already."

Yikes, followed by HIKE!

And did you do anything wrong - at all? No.

You were only "guilty" of one little thing: getting your hopes up too soon!

But wait - that's a completely natural reaction. You're not to blame for being Happy!

So what happens now?

Getting your hopes up is NOT bad. It's normal.

Scaring him off - that doesn't have to happen.

He wants to want you.

You can let the natural order of things work FOR you.

Did you catch this all-important truth? Here it is again:

He wants to want you!!

That's the heart of "Hard To Get: The Timeless Art of Conquering His Heart."

So don't let that light in your eyes - the light that draws him to you - change.

That light in your eyes is what makes him fall in love - and stay in love with you.

When you understand how human nature works, then you really understand what makes him fall in love.

That's my job - to tell you how to understand what he's thinking.

I'll show you exactly how to use his own human nature in your favor - because human nature is set in stone!

This advice truly works.

From a reader of "Hard To Get":

"I have not completed reading this entire program yet, but I have to tell you that what I have read so far is even more than brilliant! I have spent more money than I care to admit to find answers to how to handle a 'more than difficult' relationship and nothing I have read has ever come close to this."

Find out how to do this!

Have a great day, and keep your Flirt on!

With love,
Mimi Tanner
Author of Hard To Get: The Timeless Art of Conquering His Heart

What do you do if he's jealous? Advice from my friend and relationship expert Carlos Cavallo.

Emails from readers:

He said, "Sign me up! We can go tonight if you like." Three months later, we were married. And life is wonderful, he is a wonderful husband! I really really really want to say thank you, because your advice was right on.

- M. D.

"You inspire me so much... You have me hooked. And just knowing that you are you there for me in the 'virtual world' makes me feel safe!! I have today just bought a 2nd program from you - 'Hard To Get'. The thing that has compelled me to do this is the fact that I can see your genuine PASSION for this subject. You live and breathe this stuff. And I trust you completely. So, here's to the new 'harder to get' me.

"FYI the key words that really got me into your work are these: 'The one being pursued is the one with the most power.'

"I like power, and so that works for me :)"

C. in London"

"Thanks again, Mimi, through your classes and newsletter, I have regained my sense of dignity and reclaimed my power."

"Mimi, I just wanted to tell you that because of you and your writings, the way I went about things, I got the best husband in the world. I was doing things all wrong. I took your advice and it worked. I still read all your emails.


Let Human Nature Work In Your Favor: Find Out How

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