The Best Revenge After He 'Ghosted' Her

By Mimi Tanner

Another story about "Living Well is the Best Revenge":

Hi Mimi! Here's my story of bittersweet, karmic revenge on an ex who "ghosted" me.

I was a business woman in a small town... in my mid thirties with lots of talent and ambition; a pro athlete, personal trainer, and cosmologist with much respect in the community.

I was on my way to an acting career in NYC.

My ex always encouraged me and was supportive.

But he would always walk in and out of my life.

I was very much in love with him. He always said he felt the same.

The same then one day ghosted me for no apparent reason.

Guys want to know why they get ghosted too.

I was loyal, he said he was always comfortable around me and loved me.

Then he ignored every attempt I made at communication. My heart was broken.

Then... in a very short time, I turned this negative into a positive.

I moved to New York City to pursue my dream. Now I am a hair and makeup artist to various stars and models and Broadway actors. I have also appeared in several films.

I have a Facebook page and I know my "ex" sees this because he is still my Facebook friend.

Yet I still am puzzled if he despises me so much why he didn't unfriend or block me?

I do not need his validation but letting him see how well I've been doing is bittersweet. I am not a woman who stays down!

I am seeing a wonderful man who treats me like a queen - after feeling like I would never find a special man again.

I keep this new relationship private and do not exploit it on social media, but it's bittersweet none the less.

I wish things happened differently between my ex and I, but life has a way of working out karmicly for the best!

- Macy (not her real name)

The ultimate "revenge" (so-called) is a glorious life!

Like Macy's story, it never hurts for your "ex" to know how well you're doing - without you telling him yourself!

I don't recommend writing him to tell him how well you're doing. That's a too-obvious move.

But word has a way of getting back to an ex somehow.

When you don't tell him yourself how you're doing, you retain your mystery.

Mystery and dignity tend to go hand in hand - especially when it comes to the "ex."

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