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Men Who Run Hot and Cold

What about men who run hot and cold?

One day he opens up to you - the next day, he backs off.

Don't try to fix him - instead, do this.

Are You In a Fantasy Relationship?

Are you in a fantasy relationship? Thousands of people today are in fantasy relationships and don't even know it.

Here's one clue: your relationship happens ONLY on the phone (or Skype or email). It never takes place in person.

Or... the relationship starts out in person, but ends up To avoid Don't have a relationship that starts out or ends up being a "phone only" relationship.

That goes for relationships that are only conducted via text or Skype or anything else that is not IN PERSON.

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How To Handle Men Who Avoid Valentine's Day

Some men are not comfortable with Valentine's Day at all.

Other men time their phone calls and contact with women "just so" at this time of year....

....just so they can avoid a woman until AFTER February 14th!

Yes, it is a bit ridiculous....

So how exactly do you handle this?

Read on. Here's how to make the power finally shift!

Should You Tell Him That You've Just Lost a Lot of Weight?

You've just met a wonderful new love. Should you tell him or her that you've just lost a LOT of weight?

It's a fantastic accomplishment, as we all know. Nothing matters more than taking care of your health!

But when should you tell a new love about the fact that you lost a LOT of weight?

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